How do you tap into your artist within? How does your chosen medium—acting, directing, dancing, making music, writing, creating fine art…enable you to fully express yourself? What lies beneath craft and drives your creativity? How do you learn to trust your intuition and the deepest part of your nature? How do you bring your passion and dedication to a viable career in the arts? These are just a few of the questions along with multiple methods of thinking that we will explore in this unique one-of-a-kind artist’s residency.

Creative Connections: The Legacy Project is a rare opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to expand their way of thinking, experience personal and artistic growth and engage with other “creative” in a common purpose.

Twenty students from each of three areas of concentration will spend two weeks with three master artists whose credits and human history have distinguished them as natural resources of American culture. Participants will engage in daily sessions with all three artists and meet as a collective to share ideas, and experiences, pursue projects and redefine collaboration. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR 2016 ARTISTS

The Legacy project will take place from June 19 through July 2, 2016 on the beautiful campus of Western Carolina University nestled in the Smoky Mountains. For an on-line application form and complete registration information APPLY NOW>> Tuition for the full two weeks including room and board and ground transfers from and to the Asheville,NC airport is $1,950.  Applications will be received and reviewed through March 2, 2016. This unique experience is designed to share with you the methods and the legacy of mature artists who have achieved a recognized level of mastery."

Executive Director: Rhythm McCarthy

Creative Connections Board of Directors:        Diane DeFries, Rennie Harris, Chip Murphy, Melissa Thoma, Jay E. Raphael

We invite you to join us in this peaceful and bucolic environment for an exciting experience—an experience conceived to provide personal growth and insight. LEARN MORE AND APPLY>>

Creative Connections: The Legacy Project

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Creative Connections The Legacy Project

CreativeenblamConnections The Legacy Project

(As of 3/29 - Applications and Registrations are no longer being accepted for this program)